Beaucoup d’enfants ont fait spécialement pour moi un beau dessin pour me montrer combien ils aiment leurs maisons! UN GROS MERCI À TOUS LES PETITS TALENTS!!!

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Tuduetso Mhutsiwa - September 3, 2012:
Dear Mrs Emilia Angelova, I'd like to compliment you for the excellent service you provided me last week. Mrs. Angelova, you have examplified professionalism and ability of the utmost customer satisifaction, you exceeded my expectations and, I thank you, thank you for that. I will recommend you to anyone deserving and, you can be sure that I will continue to do business with you for years to come. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. Thank you. Sincerely, Tuduetso Mhutsiwa
Tedi i Dimitar - July 12, 2012:
Bonjour à tous, Si vous voulez acheter une propriété vite, facilement et sans aucun problème contactez sans tarder le courtier immobilier qui travaille fort - Emilia Angelova - la meilleure, la plus travaillante, la plus compétente et la plus belle au monde.
Kruchkovski Sergey and Ilona - March 30, 2012:
Dear Emilia, Thank you very much! You were the first real estate agent that we saw and we are very happy and grateful that we had you to stand by us through all the way of buying our first house. From the first meeting we were impressed by your professionalism, patience and clear explications. We are sure that it wasn’t easy at all to explain several times each detail in 2 languages! You always gave us a lot of valuable information and answered to all our questions at any time with patience and always with a smile. You supported us at every step and clarified well what we have to do and to what we should expect. You have never pushed us to do anything that we weren’t sure about it and we felt free to do things in the best way for us. You were respectful to every our decision and always showed us the positive and the negative things on it. We appreciate that you helped us to buy a perfect home for our family! It was our pleasure to meet you and to have an opportunity to work with you. We will be happy to refer anyone who wants to buy or sell a property to you!
Krassi - March 18, 2012:
Thank you very much for selling my property with professionalism and accuracy. I was provided with all the necessary information. You have applied all the real estate procedures, the documents were very clear and precised, you were negotiating a lot to be able to achieve my objectives and you were doing all necessary actions and the follow-ups to be able to finalize the deal successfully in time. You found a legal solution for every situation. I was feeling all the time in security and legally protected. I am recommending your real estate services with a pleasure to all my friends.
Nancy - December 16, 2011:
Thank you for all your hard work and excellent efficiency. It was a pleasure doing business with you! All the best and I look forward to future opportunities to work with each other again!
Christina & Nikolay - October 30, 2011:
I would like to say: Thank you Emi for helping us find the house of our dreams. Thank you for being so patient, informative and encouraging all the time. Emi was not only our real estate agent. She became our family friend. She did not want us to buy anything the market offered. She wanted to find for us the house that would become our home. She was with us from the first day until the final moment we received the keys. She gave us the best advice about the process, the loan, the price, and all other minor details. She would explain and show the positive and the negative things of the house and that information is priceless. You don't get it from everyone. I already recommended Emi to all our friends who are considering to buy a house. And I will definitely recommend her to everyone else.
Irena & Svilen - July 25, 2011:
Bonjour Emi, Nous voudrions te remercier infiniment d’avoir travaillé ensemble. La vérité est que sans ton expérience on ne pourrait pas réussir à trouver les solutions de toutes les situations qu’on a eu pendant l’achat de notre propriété. Dès le début tu nous as informé de tous les étapes et les coûts reliés et après quand on a rencontré les différentes institutions : banque, notaire, etc. on savait déjà tout. On savait très bien ce qui nous attendait, tous les étapes et tous les délais, tous les coûts sans avoir aucune différence de l’information que tu nous as donné. C’est très important et c’est pourquoi nous sommes tellement contents de tes services. On sait qu’il y avait des moments difficiles et grâce à toi on se sentait tellement en sécurité. C’était un grand plaisir de travailler avec toi.
Marc-Antoine Dubuc - April 14, 2011:
bonjour Emillia. Merci de nous avoir proccurer notre nouvelle demeure
Lora et Kaloyan - April 4, 2011:
Chère Emi, Un grand MERCI d’avoir pu nous aider à vendre notre propriété! Ton travail est exceptionnel!Merci de ta patience et des précieux conseils!Nous te souhaitons beaucoup de succès et on ne doute pas que tous tes clients auront une formidable expérience comme la nôtre!
Elza - March 16, 2011:
How Emi sold my house? mmmm , with a soft and human way of dealing with the problems and the situations.. She was competent and positive and those are the tools to success.. She came and help with manual work and shared the ideas to increase the value of the house.. I am very happy that Emi was my agent and i will recommend her name to other people... Thanks a lot EMI.