Beaucoup d’enfants ont fait spécialement pour moi un beau dessin pour me montrer combien ils aiment leurs maisons! UN GROS MERCI À TOUS LES PETITS TALENTS!!!

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Emiliya & Zak - November 28, 2013:
Nous voulons vous remercier pour l'excellent travail que vous avez fait pour nous. Votre professionnalisme, manifesté tout au long de cette transaction, nous incitera à faire appel à vos services dans d'autres projets. Inoubliable!
Geri - November 10, 2013:
At the beginning we were anxious about the whole "home- buying"process and how complicated and difficult it could be. Once we called Emilia everything started very smoothly. We were able to see all the properties requested in very short delays and discuss all pros and cons for each one . Finally founded our dreamed condo the document procedures and Negotiations with the bank were greatly shortened and facilitated by Emi. We were in contact all the time, even the late evenings which was very convenient for us. At the end of the day we received our dream home with no bad surprises and delays. She was even able to negotiate a good price discount for us which we used for new appliances. Thanks for everything Emi!!!
Samantha & Bach - November 7, 2013:
Emilia provided great service for the sale of our condo.She was always available to help us out. She also takes a great amount of time to explain every step of the transaction. You can get a hold of her at any time of day. No need to leave a message with a secretary! She always answers her phone calls personaly and if she is busy she will call back in a prompt manner. If you are looking for a property she will set up all the appointments for you at your convience and she will print everything you need to know about the property. We enjoyed the hard work she did in order to make us visit a ton of properties. The service Emilia provides is over and beyond!
Biliana & Anatoli - August 30, 2013:
Nous te remercions, Emi, de nous avoir accompagné dans nos démarches d’une manière très professionnelle et en respectant nos critères de recherche et nos besoins. Nous avons vraiment trouvé la maison qui nous correspond parfaitement et en sommes très heureux. Notre fille ne cesse pas l’appeler “la belle maison que Emi nous a donnée ». Merci encore et nous recommandons fortement tes services à tous les chercheurs de propriété!
Sisi & Joro - February 7, 2013:
Great service and great personality. We enjoyed our house hunt and found the place for us. Emilia was always responsive and gave us accurate information. We highly recommend her and will definitely use her services in the future! Thank you!
Tuduetso Mhutsiwa - September 3, 2012:
Dear Mrs Emilia Angelova, I'd like to compliment you for the excellent service you provided me last week. Mrs. Angelova, you have examplified professionalism and ability of the utmost customer satisifaction, you exceeded my expectations and, I thank you, thank you for that. I will recommend you to anyone deserving and, you can be sure that I will continue to do business with you for years to come. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. Thank you. Sincerely, Tuduetso Mhutsiwa
Tedi i Dimitar - July 12, 2012:
Bonjour à tous, Si vous voulez acheter une propriété vite, facilement et sans aucun problème contactez sans tarder le courtier immobilier qui travaille fort - Emilia Angelova - la meilleure, la plus travaillante, la plus compétente et la plus belle au monde.
Kruchkovski Sergey and Ilona - March 30, 2012:
Dear Emilia, Thank you very much! You were the first real estate agent that we saw and we are very happy and grateful that we had you to stand by us through all the way of buying our first house. From the first meeting we were impressed by your professionalism, patience and clear explications. We are sure that it wasn’t easy at all to explain several times each detail in 2 languages! You always gave us a lot of valuable information and answered to all our questions at any time with patience and always with a smile. You supported us at every step and clarified well what we have to do and to what we should expect. You have never pushed us to do anything that we weren’t sure about it and we felt free to do things in the best way for us. You were respectful to every our decision and always showed us the positive and the negative things on it. We appreciate that you helped us to buy a perfect home for our family! It was our pleasure to meet you and to have an opportunity to work with you. We will be happy to refer anyone who wants to buy or sell a property to you!
Krassi - March 18, 2012:
Thank you very much for selling my property with professionalism and accuracy. I was provided with all the necessary information. You have applied all the real estate procedures, the documents were very clear and precised, you were negotiating a lot to be able to achieve my objectives and you were doing all necessary actions and the follow-ups to be able to finalize the deal successfully in time. You found a legal solution for every situation. I was feeling all the time in security and legally protected. I am recommending your real estate services with a pleasure to all my friends.
Nancy - December 16, 2011:
Thank you for all your hard work and excellent efficiency. It was a pleasure doing business with you! All the best and I look forward to future opportunities to work with each other again!