Beaucoup d’enfants ont fait spécialement pour moi un beau dessin pour me montrer combien ils aiment leurs maisons! UN GROS MERCI À TOUS LES PETITS TALENTS!!!

 Gaby  Gaby  .....  .....  Andre  Antonina  Mario  Erik  Mario  Elena  Ivana  Ivana  Stoil  Stoil  Stoil  Anna-Maria  Max

Yulia et Hristo Damyanov - April 27, 2015:
Emi est une excellente professionnelle dans son domain et nous avons eu la chance d'avoir confié à elle notre démarche d'acheter une maison. C'est un plaisir de travailler avec Emi. Elle s'est toujours démarquée par ses compétences techniques, sa rigueur de tous les instants, son autonomie, sa ponctualité ainsi que sa vivacité d'esprit. C'est sans aucune hésitation que nous larécommandons et utiliserons ces services pour nos projets dans le futur. Gros Merci!
Daniel et Quisqueya - April 26, 2015:
Emilia is the best realtor in town no doubt. She is very professional and patient. She will provide you all the informations and more about the properties and the market. She is always disponible, very punctual and kind. We just bought a property with her and looking forward for the next transaction. She is with you during all the procedures till the end. Nosotros la recomendamos como la mejor y estaremos siempre agradecidos de su excente y profesional servicio. Si vous chercher une agente competente qui travail pour vous a 100% nous la recommendons sans hesitation. Merci a Emillia pour nous avoir permis d'acheter notre belle propriete!
Dessy & Tanyu - February 7, 2015:
We want to thank Emy for everything she did around our procedure for buying a house. We thank her that she comply with our convenient time, patiently introduced us to the whole procedure of purchasing a home in Quebec. Thanks for commitment and understanding during the whole process. With her help we found, bought and now live in our dream house. We thank her she was always there and she found time to answer to all of our questions in details. We are very happy and we are pleased that we chose Emi to be our agent. In her face we found not only a great professional but also a good friend. Well thank you Emi for everything you've done and continue to do for our family.
Ralitsa and Orlin - January 29, 2015:
Emi, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the successful sale of our property due to your excellent professional services. We wish you the best of luck in the future!Continue being selfless and helping those in need.
Veselina and Stoyan Toshevi - November 2, 2014:
Summer 2014 WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were a first time home buyers and very happy and lucky to have Emilia with us to buy our first dream home. Emilia scheduled all meetings and interactions at our convenience after work and on weekends. She provided us with outstanding advice regarding the best regions for houses which will suit our needs because we are with two children with a big age different, she helped with finding the notarios in a so short time and the most important thing for as was that after the first few houses she already knew what we were looking for . She worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation. We really appreciated Emilia's calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire process. Emilia was the outstanding professional we were looking for and having her work with us made a nerve-wracking negotiation a wonderful success! Sincerely, All family Toshevi
Tanya E. Johnson - October 28, 2014:
I recently completed the purchase of my new home with Emilia Angelova and it was such a pleasant experience from Day One! I actually interviewed Emilia before beginning the process. I heard that was a good thing to do, and my search began and ended with her! We clicked right from the beginning; her personality and her knowledge about various areas, the market, present value and long term value all added up to making a great purchase that we feel 100% confident about. Even when our home inspector cancelled on the morning of, Emilia didn't flinch; she guided us with ease and with speed to ensure that we were able to successfully navigate the entire home buying process. I would also like to add that Emilia was ALWAYS available whether via telephone or email to answer all my questions -- and I had A LOT of questions. I like to understand a process from beginning to end, and Emilia was always more than happy to respond and explain. Even months after our purchase, I felt comfortable sending her an email knowing that I would hear from her shortly. I never had to wait very long for a response, and for that I am truly grateful! Thanks so much Emilia for all your assistance and great advice! :)
Biser et Lidiya - October 23, 2014:
Biser et Lidiya - October 23, 2014:
Nous sommes très satisfaits des services que Elle s'offre à nous. Elle est professionnel, patient, assez d'expérience qui peut répondre à toutes les questions rapidement et les informations correctes.
D. Tremblay - May 2, 2014:
Merci beaucoup d'avoir été présente tout au long de la transaction et d'avoir mise tout l'effort qui ont finalement porter fruit. Merci beaucoup encore une fois d'avoir travailler si fort pour moi bonne journée.
Nataliya et Arsen Popov - April 23, 2014:
Emi........je n'ai pas assez de mots pour m'exprimer.Longtemps avant d'appeler Emi j'ai écouté le monde parler beaucoup d'elle.Apres notre connaissance j'ai réalisé que Emi était pour nous pas seulement notre courtier immobilier ,mais encore plus......elle est devenu notre amie qui faisait des soucis de nous et nous guidait tout le temps.Un grand merci de notre part et on t'aime beaucoup:)