It is easy when prepared with a lot of cares! I offer you my professional services and adapted to your needs to help you finding the house of your dreams and to transform the buying process into a great and unforgettable experience! I consider that my clients have to be well informed to be able to obtain the desired results. I am taking all the necessary time to create a good relationship with you, to provide you all the information and useful tips, to present you the specifics of the actual real estate market, to understand better your needs (budget, timing, expectations, etc.), to answer all your questions and to be able to find the best options for you.


Before listing your property on the market it is important to be informed about the actual real estate market conditions and to obtain an evaluation of your property based on a comparative market analyse which will give you pricing and other details in your area, to consider all the renovations and improvements on your property and to understand your specific needs and priorities to able to define the sales objectives.

There are several factors which could determinate the price of your property, such as:

• Timing
It is a factor, which can not be directly controlled, but has a major impact on the price of your property. A well evaluated property arrived on the market at a good time gives you better chances to obtain the maximum results: fast sale and good price.

• Location
Location, Location, Location’ – What does it mean? Identical properties value could be increased or decreased depending on their location. Properties which are not in an excellent condition, but located in a desired area are easily sold at higher prices than others in a great condition, but not so well located.

• Right Price
By finding the right price at the moment when your property is listed is a big advantage for you: you will be assured to attract the maximum potential buyers and to sale your property quickly.

• Property Condition
The renovation and the maintenance of your property during the years have a major role on its market value. Sometimes small touch-ups or changing the position of your furniture could make a big difference.

• Visibility
More the information for your property is accessible more potential buyers will be attracted and more chances to obtain the desired price will be offer. It is important to advertise adequately your property.


You will have to sign a brokerage contract in order to engage an agent or broker to sell your house. The purpose of the contract is to establish a professional agreement between you and your broker.

I take all the necessary time to well explain you all the brokerage contract types, the obligations of the parties, all the details concerning the sale of your property and to answer all your questions before you sign the contract. It is important to read carefully the contract and all the clauses and to well understand all the information before you sign it.


Did you know that real estate agents receive their compensation only when the notarized deed has been signed? The amount they receive for a real estate transaction is determined when the brokerage contract is signed with the client, but the amount is paid only when the transaction is made official.
Often called a “commission”, compensation doesn’t go directly into the agent’s pocket. If a selling agent (representing the buyer) was involved in the sale, the listing agent (representing the seller) must pay a portion of his compensation to the selling agent.
I always respect the work and the efforts of the others and I share my commission with the selling agents: 50%/50%


After signing an exclusive brokerage contract with me you automatically obtain adequate and constant advertising of your property with detailed destcription and photos in a lot of web sites and newspapers.

• SIA, MLS, Realtor

• My Web Site


• In the local newspaper


• LesPAC

• Others – according your needs

• Mi Casa

• KiJiJi

• Others – according your needs


Each visit is well planned and prepared. Before I confirm a visit I contact you to check your availability or I proceed according to the existing agreement.

It is possible to organize Open Houses. Usually the Open Houses are made on Sunday from 14.00 to 16.00. Prepared carefully this activity is to bring you more potential buyers.


I always keep you informed about all the activities related to your property and I give you a feedback for all the comments received during the visits. It is important to analyse this information to be able to obtain the maximal results.


I prepare and manage all the offers, counter-proposals and other related documents and I use my skills and negotiating experience to be able to obtain the best possible price and conditions for you!


I am present and I could consult you during the Building inspection which is such an important and delicate step of the process.


I assure the follow-ups with you and the Notary office to make sure all the documents have been transmitted, the dates will be respected and I always stay with you on the signing of the deed of sale.