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The Association des courtiers et agents immobiliers du Québec has prepared this brochure to help you in the selection and purchase of your new property. In it you will fi nd the main steps you need to follow before, during and after the purchase of your home as well as many useful tips to help you complete your real estate transaction in a satisfactory manner.

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Home Buying Step By Step
Are you thinking of buying a home? This handy guide, complete with worksheets and checklists, will lead you through the entire homebuying process in ten simple steps. Assess your current financial situation, determine the costs involved, establish what you are looking for in a home, and find out which professionals can help you along the way. You’ll also find practical tips on home maintenance, repairs, and renovations.

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Condominium Buyers’ Guide
Condominium living is a popular option for many Canadians as it can be a relatively carefree housing option. This Guide has been created to help you become an informed condominium buyer and help you make the best choice. Topics include: condominium types, rules and regulations, a physical checklist, a glossary of terms, information sources and a condominium selection checklist.

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Guide Newcomer’s Guide to Canadian Housing
What’s a “super”? This updated guide for newcomers to the Canadian housing market is packed with everything a newcomer needs to understand how to buy or rent a home. It’s written in clear English, and describes Canadian housing culture, how to inspect a rental property, tenant rights and obligations, what to look for in a neighbourhood, the entire process of buying a home, cultural norms, a glossary of terms and much more. May be freely translated by groups catering to newcomers. An indispensable guide for anyone not familiar with how Canadian housing works (revised 2003).

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First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit (HBTC):

1. What is the home buyers’ tax credit (HBTC)?
2. How is the new HBTC calculated?
3. Am I eligible for the HBTC?
4. What is a qualifying home?
5. Who is considered a person with a disability for purposes of the HBTC?
6. If I buy a house, can my spouse or common-law partner claim the HBTC?
7. My friend and I intend to jointly purchase a home, and we both meet the conditions for the HBTC. Can we both claim the credit?
8. Do I have to register the acquisition of the home under the applicable land registration system?
9. How will I claim the HBTC?
10. Do I have to submit any supporting documents with my income tax return?
11. Is the HBTC connected to the existing Home Buyers’ Plan?
12. Where can I get more information about the new HBTC?
13. In which taxation year can I claim the HBTC?
14. If I purchase a condominium as my qualifying home in which occupancy takes place in one taxation year but the legal transfer of ownership only takes place in the subsequent taxation year, in which taxation year can I claim the HBTC?

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