It is easy when prepared with a lot of cares! I offer you my professional services and adapted to your needs to help you finding the house of your dreams and to transform the buying process into a great and unforgettable experience! I consider that my clients have to be well informed to be able to obtain the desired results. I am taking all the necessary time to create a good relationship with you, to provide you all the information and useful tips, to present you the specifics of the actual real estate market, to understand better your needs (budget, timing, expectations, etc.), to answer all your questions and to be able to find the best options for you.


First Appointment
During the first appointment I have to understand your needs and we settle the research criteria to be able to find the ideal home for you.

I also explain the basic principles of the real estate buying process and all related costs and I could guide you to choose a mortgage specialist if needed.

Once we settle the research criteria we start to search on the internet for available properties on the real estate market according to your taste.

Visits organisation
As soon as you are ready to visit one or several properties we are organising the visit schedule according your availability.

I am guiding you trough the visits showing you features you may not have noticed and problems you may not have spotted and recommending you an expert help when needed such as Home Appraiser, Home Inspector, Notary, Lawyer, Land Surveyor etc.

Finding the Right Price to offer
When you are sure that you have found the right property for you, we observe together the sold prices of comparable properties of the same area to be able to offer the Right and Equitable price.

Documentation and Negotiations
I prepare and manage all the offers, counter-proposals and other related documents and I use my skills and negotiating experience to be able to obtain the best possible price and conditions for you.

Building Inspection
I am present and I could consult you during the Building inspection which is such an important and delicate step of the process.

Building Inspection Report Analyse
As soon as we receive the Building Inspection Report we discuss and evaluate the results to be able to know if you are satisfied with the obtained information or a re-negotiation is appropriate.

Deed of sale
I assure the follow-ups with you and the Notary office to make sure all the documents have been transmitted, the dates will be respected and I always stay with you on the signing of the deed of sale.

After the sale
I will be at your service and if you have questions or need more information it would be a pleasure to help you.